Date: 10/18/2008

party.GIF My first BSOD. Vista.

HAHAHA. this thing has been in power use since start of April and i haven't had any major problems. I use sleep mode and hibernate very much. The BSOD happened on a normal wakeup instead of login, a brief bluescreen and then automatic reboot. didn't even have time to read the info properly. well, i'm in safe mode reading and backing up the logs (also checking that they don't have sensitive info) also checking for viruses, errors etc. the usual maintenance while at it. As a tinfoil hat safety measure i'll also wipe ALL temp data even the BSOD Logs that are for MS error report. (they are backed up and their filepaths are in the WERFault info so i'll just replace them after that. comphelp.GIF