Date: 10/19/2008

BSOD cont.

meteor.GIF Ran CCleaner in delete everything now -mode (needs to be unlocked from advanced options) and it gave me 1.83GB of temp files to delete. Scrolled down quickly and they all seemed to be from the big batch of game demos i installed recently. There was miles and miles of EAgames files, likely from Mercenaries 2 and FIFA09. Wiped everything as planned and replaced the error report files and also ran registry check. Not much there, couple of obsolete start menu entries otherwise clean. Took screenshots of the werfault and cclean for reference. Ran HijackThis and saved and doublechecked the report (looks clean to me, it's easier to read than people think btw. it's a simple matter of knowing what should and shouldn't be there). Right now when i'm typing Spybot S&D shows clean and i will move onto Avira. I prolly should use this opportunity to uninstall the adaware that is slightly broken, replace it and also get malwarebytes anti-malware to doublecheck on things. i don't use it as regular app yet because it's fairly new. i'll let others be the test subjects for it. Since this is kind of a high profile error i could also get and run ThreatFire once. But now, start the AV scan and either go to bed or do some console gaymin' tea.GIF